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Were admitted after elective surgery were excluded that left 158 unplanned admissions in total, with only 55(34.8 ) patients surviving for more than one year. Conclusions: Although this data shows better survival for unplanned admissions than previous studies, outcomes are still poor for elderly patients who are admitted to ITU. This should inform discussions with patients and their relatives re

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Were aged 80 or above. Data was not available for one patient. Of the 207 patients for whom data was available, the mean age was 84.3 years. Data for 23 of these patients was not available to a year. Of the 133 surgical patients, 49(36.8 ) were admitted after elective and 84(63.2 ) after emergency surgery. At one year, 39 of the elective patients were alive and 31 of the emergency patients. Of

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Those receiving mechanical ventilation during more than 24 h had a mortality of 58.7 , and patients receiving renal replacement therapy had a mortality of 80.0 . Of the patients who died in the hospital, 86.2 were treated with vasopressors, 76.2 received mechanical ventilation during more than 24 hours and 30.0 underwent renal replacement therapy. 50 of patients dying in the ICU died at